What we offer:

Up to 12 Mbps SPEEDS!  No phone line required!

Why High Speed Internet?

The busier we are today, means we have to get more done in shorter amounts of time.

With High Speed Internet, you’ll simply get things done more quickly.

Perhaps you’ll find more time to catch a movie or research, study, and yes have fun!

High speed internet can be compared to driving your car to the grocery store rather than walking.

Still walking? Why get High Speed Internet?

If you think you spend to much time on the internet now, try and speed things up a little and get High Speed internet.  You’ll find things quicker and be able to get more value from your computer faster!

Wow Save money and time! 

· Internet starting as low as $26.95* Per Month.

· No Home Phone Required.

· Request Wireless In Your Home!

· Local and National service available.

*The monthly fee will vary on the area in which you live, service you choose and may be subject to change.  Other fees may apply.  See us for details.

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